ATTA  Gallery,  the  only  gallery  in  Thailand  that  specializes  in  Contemporary  Art  and Design objects for the body, proudly presents two exhibitions by Taweesak Molsawat in November.  Main exhibition:  a/part:  The existing of the non-existence, with the opening reception on Friday November 3rd, 18:30-20:30 at ATTA Gallery and Off-site exhibition:  mis/place: The Endless of The Beginning, with the opening reception on Wednesday November 22 nd19:00-20:30 at Brainwake Thonglor.  Artist will be present at opening receptions.

***There will also be a special event by the artist on Saturday November 17 th at ATTA

Gallery as part of the Creative District Gallery Hopping Night.  Time to be announced on our website: ***

    Main Exhibition

the existing of the non-existence
3 November 2017 – 7 January 2018

    About the Exhibitions

the existing of the non-existence focuses on shifting cultural context of jewelry. The significance of this body of work is questioning the conceptual existence of jewelry as an absolute object and a separate entity from the body. In this work, I am exploring artist’s or the wearer’s breath as the most significant element of jewelry. It is the replacement between the inner empty space of body and empty space of jewelry, and the formless of breath  creating  a  formless  of  jewelry  into  a  jewelry form  generating  a  new connection between human body and new visual perception of jewelry. In this work, I am questioning the  core  concept  of  jewelry  crossed  culturally  both  historical  and  contemporary  issues related to the definition of jewelry and lack of the interplay between jewelry and body in today practices.

Historically, jewelry has played significant roles not only as a part of body adornment but the  in/visible  connections  between  jewelry,  body,  dress  and  society,  however  in  today mainstream culture; the realm of jewelry has been constrained to mainly physical objects disconnected to body. The deeper conceptual and physical relationship between jewelry and body has been disregarded; therefore this project aims to redefine jewelry as a catalyst by shifting cultural context conceptually both role and definition of jewelry.

In this project,  the  investigation of human’s breath  and  formless  of  jewelry focuses on stimulating senses of  ambiguity  questioning  the prior existing  perception  of  jewelry  by deconstructing  existing  cultural  and  social  contexts  and  elements  of  jewelry  creating a new visual language of jewelry.  a/part: the existing of the non-existence is intended to communicate beyond visual language of jewelry and challenge the existing establishment of  jewelry.  By  using  both  fragmented  visual  culture  and  existed  experience  of  jewelry along  with  artist’s  or  wearer’s  breath,  I  generate  the  condition  in  which  the  viewer  is compelled to devise a new meaning and new state of jewelry perception in a theoretical and  conceptual  way  in  the  context  and  content  of  today  culture.  In  addition,  the exploration of the project is to reconnect the conceptual idea of jewelry back to the body creating both new visual and nonvisual language for general public. The investigation of jewelry and artist’s or wearer’s breath as an experimental abstract narrative is the focal approach of my creative project.

It is my intention that this body of work is to be a catalyst for questioning and provoking interpretations and new  ways  of  critical  thinking regarding the  core  concept  of  jewelry related  to  body,  culture  and  society.  This  work  is  anticipated  to  be  an  open-ended language with the realization of the deconstruction/reconstruction theory in a paradoxical world of jewelry and body both realized and unrealized. This contradictory relationship, exposed by the fusion of formless jewelry and artist’s or wearer’s breath, as well as the spaces  that  marry  them,  will  create  a  conceptual  empty  space  to  permit  fresh interpretations and new experiences of engagement for viewers and wearer alike.  October 8, 2017, Bangkok, Thailand Off-Site Exhibition At Brainwake Thonglor (between Soi 19 and 21)

The Endless of The Beginning
22 November 2017 – 7 January 2018

“Art communicates through visual and non visual means; The subject matters of art originate from culture and society, therefore art is an instrument to critically and creatively examined culture and society”.

This  exhibition  is  a  revisiting  idea  of  addressing  cultural  and  social  issues.  It  reflects human  behaviors  in  today  globalization  and  capitalism  era.  This  work  is  intended  to mirror the endless environmental problems caused by the ways we live our lives taking advantage of the environment and Mother Nature. We have been over consumed and over produced without taking care of the environment and nature around us.

The exhibition titled “mis/place: The Endless of The Beginning” is the combination works from the work titled “This is Thailand: Thailand from 2006-present” and extended new works. The conceptual idea is derived from the reinterpretation of jewelry as the reflection of  the  artist  regarding  social  issues.  The  significance  of  my  work  is  the  process  of searching for new roles, functions and definition of jewelry in contemporary context.

In this body of work, my artistic practice has shifted towards a greater awareness of the wider  and  deeper  context  of  contemporary  jewelry,  and  the  necessity  for  greater community involvement. Using art, design and craft in this case jewelry as an aesthetic, cultural, social, political, and environmental instrument, I am confident that art and design can  improve  the  quality  of  living  together  creating  a  sense  of  living  purpose  in  a community  and  healthy  environment  with  shared  values,  equalities,  and  environmental sustainability.

Jewelry  pieces and  their  stories  especially  the  entire  creative  process  have  become  the vehicle  for  not  only  the  reflection  of  my  conceptual  ideas  and  philosophy  but  for  the wearer to share his or her individual expression through my work.   The work acts as the movable media on the body to communicate and raise the awareness of this social issue to the  public.  In  this  work,  cultural  leftovers  (trashes)  on  the  beautiful  beaches  around Thailand have been given the new lives in the context of contemporary cultural signifiers to communicate to the society.

Furthermore,  roles  and  functions  of  jewelry  have  been  redefined  as  cultural  and  social objects  that  speak  about  time,  culture,  environment,  and  social  behaviors  including philosophy of the artist in today contexts.  The value of the work is emphasized on the idea and issue of the work and the meaning that jewelry communicates not the commercial value of materials.

It  is  my  intention that  my  work is to  be  a  catalyst  for  the  promotion of  questions  and  provoking  new  interpretations.  I  use  my  work  as  an  open-ended  language  with  the realization  of  the  deconstruction/reconstruction  theory  and  narrative  in  a  paradoxical world of objects both realized and unrealized creating a conceptual empty space to permit fresh interpretations and methods of engagement for viewers and artists alike.  10-18-2017 Please view video “This is Thailand” at

About Artist

Taweesak  Molsawat  (b.  68,  Thailand)  called  himself  a  Social  and  Cultural  Critic  who expresses  his  views  through  design,  visual  art  in  the  form  of  contemporary  jewelry, performance art, as well as through words.

After  receiving  his  MFA  and  a  teaching  assignment  in  the  US,  Taweesak  returned  to Thailand  in  2006  to  teach  at  King  Mongkut  Institute  of  Technology  Ladkrabang  and Silpakorn University. Recently he has quit his teaching career to concentrate on his art practice.  He has been exhibiting in the US, Europe, Australia and Thailand.  His works have  been  included  in  many  international  publications.    This  exhibition  will  be Taweesak’s 4  thsolo exhibition at ATTA Gallery.