GitLab is an enterprise-class open source software solution providing a complete Ruby on rails based repository manager that offers flexible, pre-configured, configuration-free software with an extensive database support, a content versioning system and powerful features for versioning, tracking, versioning control, versioning infrastructure, tagging, versioning workflow, and versioning workflow management. Gitlab also enables fast, collaborative, dynamic and easy collaboration in real-time while sharing and merging work from remote branches. Gitlab was designed by two developers, Oleksandr Andrianov and Dmitry Zyborsky. Gitlab is written in the Ruby programming language and designed primarily for Ruby on Rails framework using MVC architecture.

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To start using the software you need to create a Gitlab user and assign the appropriate permissions. You can use the web console or command line interface to manage the Gitlab repository. To begin with, you have to create a Gitlab repository either on your own server or on any public Gitolos hosting provider. After creating a repository you need to select a configuration for your website and install the geom package, which provides the Gitlab gem to access the repository and help to maintain the database. The gem fetches the commit information as well as performing code reviews of the code and issues found in the repository.

With the help of this gem you can use GitLab for creating, tracking and versioning your source code. Many developers choose to use Gitlab for the reason that it makes their life much easier. In case you are not comfortable with using Gitlab, you can get in touch with Gitlab support services which help the developers to resolve all the technical and performance issues related to the software. There are several companies that provide Gitlab hosting services.